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Sir Howard Bernstein
Sir Howard Bernstein opens the event, commenting on the success of the Construction Frameworks so far.  He outlines some of the key opportunities through devolution for the North West over the coming years.

Clare Huber
Clare, along with Project Manager Jane Heatherington, talks about Chester’s flagship project, Chester Theatre and how using the NWCH has helped achieve the project’s objectives.  Clare’s experience of using the frameworks over a period of time helped on this challenging project, and a tough programme is being achieved through collaboration.

Don Ward
Don speaks of the improvements in the industry over the years, and clarifies how frameworks and collaborative working, can achieve better value for clients.  He states that the industry will have to change to deliver the expenditure cuts both now and in the future.  He explains why it is important that clients think about the operation of the building, and why they need to lead and share their vision for the project from the outset. 

Joss Underwood
Joss presents the results of the recently published NW Construction Pipeline.  She explains how it came about, where the data comes from and how it is analysed and highlights the skills gap in the North West.  She emphasises the importance of collaboration to address the problem and demonstrates what can be achieved when there is a will to do it.

John Finlay
John Finlay talks about the background to the NWCH, what the Construction Frameworks were was based on and how they have developed.  He stresses the benefits for clients of engaging with the frameworks, and the whole-team approach that has made them so successful.

John Finlay
John gives an overview of the new frameworks.  He emphasises the importance of partnering in order to get the best from them, and that you have to work at it to get it right.  He goes through how the new frameworks are different from last time round, and talks about the changes to the constructor partners. 

 Keith Heard
Keith presents data that has been collected from contractors via the Construction Framework groups across the UK.  He explains the background to this, and talks through some of the results from the North West, which covers cost and labour issues both past and future.



Phil Cusack
Phil Cusack, host of the relaunch event, sums up the days presentations and discussions.

Mike Horne
Mike presents the Liverpool’s Schools Programme, the background to it, how Liverpool City Council ended up selecting the NWCH as a procurement vehicle, and the benefits derived. He outlines how the Construction Frameworks met all of the points they were looking for, along with a way of maximising social value. 

Professor Peter McDermott
Peter McDermott talks about his involvement the NWCH, and gives an overview of the relevant policies that have had an impact of construction procurement over recent years.  He covers more recent strategies, such as the Northern Powerhouse Transport Strategy and the rhetoric around social value and how the next government plans to increase this. 

Stephen Ratcliffe
Stephen talks about the industry from the contractors’ viewpoint and explains that contractors are still dealing with the ramifications of the recession when the construction market shrank considerably.  The issue going forward will be how to manage capacity.  He outlines some short term fixes, and states that visibility of clients’ pipelines will help contractors plan for the future, but clients will have to pay more in the future to counteract the materials and labour shortages that are inevitable.

Event Summary